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Fiammetta Martegani is an Italian Ph.D. in Anthropology, living in Israel.

She spent the last ten years of her life working in Universities and Museums between the two countries.

As an anthropologist and an avid admirer of different cultures, she was drawn to a unique Japanese Zen Art called Ikebana, which she studied, since 2006, at the Japanese Institute of Culture in Milano, under the supervision of the Japanese Master Keyko Ando Mei.

Currently she is associated with the Sogetsu School of Rome under the supervision of the Masters Lucio Farinelli and Luca Ramacciotti.
As an Italian living in the "Startup Nation", she loves to bring together in her Ikebana workshops a unique combination of Italian creativity, Israeli innovation and Japanese perfection.

Fiammetta is a dynamic speaker, trainer, coach and thought leader in the field of workplace transformation, employee engagement, and purpose-driven work. As an Anthropologist, Lecturer in Universities and in different other platforms she has more than ten years of experience to create high-performance, high-fulfillment cultures. 

She is deeply passionate about working with companies of all sizes to re-imagine work, workplaces, and the nature of business to create a world where everyone thrives

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