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Why is Ikebana a successful tool for management and leadership?

The Japanese developed methods for reaching mindfulness by practicing zen exercises. Ikebana, originating from the time of the Samurai is one of these zen exercises. The process of creating your own composition of Ikebana helps develop mindfulness, improvisation, interpretation and thinking outside of the box. It  can also provide stimulating insights into significant management concerns such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, mentorship and personal development.


A new vocabulary

As well as being an excellent tool, Ikebana provides an exciting new vocabulary for addressing these concerns. The practice of Ikebana is both enjoyable and entertaining for individuals and groups. It is remote from the concrete tensions of the participants' work environment, provides a safe non-threatening atmosphere for discussion and self-reflection.

Where do we fit in?

The Ikebana Workshop is designed to support a wide range of goals for corporate and conference groups:

  • Team building

  • Change initiatives

  • Leadership development

  • Celebration of organizational milestones

  • Promoting creativity and innovation

What could your organization expect from Ikebana?

When business organizations go through the Ikebana training, the new "Zen vocabulary" becomes available, and serves as a softer medium of communication – releasing tension and reducing alienation from the workplace, and promoting a feeling of ‘fun’ and satisfaction.

The Ikebana Workshop provides a playful yet serious team building event that combines Japanese tools with carefully framed exercises to enable participants to analyze and experience what it means to be inspired and think out of the box. The program is ideal for all types of organizational groups – functional, departmental, managerial, or geographical teams.

Two levels of learning

Two levels of learning can be expected from each session: the first is the level of the inter-subjective experience, shared by all, which sheds new light on the culture of their organization and, moreover, on what can be done to alter it in a desired way. The second level is more personal, enabling different learning for individual participants, as they are encouraged and helped in taking a new look at themselves as leaders. It also brings a renewable fuel source on innovation for any organization wishing to constantly improve itself – from a family-cell to the Googles of this world.

The Ikebana Workshop is designed according to the number of participants, the time allocated and all the client's needs. It may last from 90 minutes to 3 hours, from a full day to an extended seminar up to 10 classes to explore the different layers of the so called Japanese Mind.

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