"I enjoyed the Ikebana workshop so much.  I felt lucky to have a job that cares and provided the opportunity to participate.

                        Patricia Lahy-Engel

"I love ikebana because it brings nature into my home and heart".

Richard  David Saffran

"It allowed me to focus my otherwise wandering mind on something connected to nature. It is beautiful and very calming".

  Linda Skalsky

"It was just beautiful and fun. As a designer and a home stylist I love using Ikebana".

 Maryluz Rivera

"I loved the workshop so much. It made me feel so calm. I love Ikebana because I can feel that I'm creative".                     Katya Koko

"Ikebana allows me to take time with nature and reconnect with creativity. It really stayd with(in) me afterwards".

Tehila Brenner

Workshop that took place at WIX, Tel Aviv. Photoshooting by Daniele Di Nepi

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